What Grace Outreach Offers

Grace Outreach provides high-quality, low-cost training for the high school equivalency exam, a robust college preparatory program, and job market/vocational preparation for women ages 18+. Access to GO programming helps our all-female student population to build better lives for themselves and their families.

  • The TASC

    GO’s ongoing courses offer flexible pacing to help students study and prepare themselves for the new high school equivalency exam. (note: this exam used to be known as the GED, but in New York State the exam to earn the equivalency diploma is now called the TASC).

  • College Prep

    GO guides students through the academic and financial aid college application process, and provides a college preparatory course so that students can begin college at one of the City University of New York (CUNY) campuses. Our prep course is centered around the COMPASS/ Remedial Tests so that students can pass these tests and begin taking the credit-bearing classes immediately in their first semester at CUNY.

  • Career Prep

    For current HSE students and for all GO alumni, we offer counseling, skill-building, workshops and navigation so that students can move towards a chosen job, career, or field. Our best resource is good relationships with many quality vocational training programs (in fields such as health care, IT, business management, and trades).



From our Students

  • I was an evening student at Grace Outreach in 2012 and 2013, and I  came back to Grace Outreach as a day student in 2014 to finish what I started before. I’m going for nursing as a career and needed this diploma as my first step. My son needs me to have a real future.

    - Daniela Peguero, earned HSE diploma on the TASC exam, November 2014 -

  • I returned to Grace Outreach to keep after my diploma for my own career, and for my family. I want to work in a bakery and then later own my own bakery, and this diploma is the first step I need to take on that path.

    - Jessica Osorio, earned HSE diploma on the TASC exam, November 2014 -

  • I like math much better now. The teachers and the tutors help me understand it better than I ever have. I actually like doing math homework and never thought I would ever say that!

    - Joyce Lambertis, current TASC Prep student -

  • Zeki (Math instructor) is the bomb. I go home from Grace Outreach excited to do my homework.  It’s like I’m a little kid, don’t want to go to bed until I know that every math problem is correct

    - Lorraine Amaker, Current TASC Prep Student -